The All-Star player and coach selection meeting will be the Sunday after the league regular season ends.

All-Star Player Eligibility

  • Nominations are based on the number of games played, hitting and pitching statistics, catching, throwing, base-running, and overall knowledge of the game. Attitude and coachability are also considerations.
  • If a player has missed MORE THAN 2 league games (this DOES NOT include league tourney), they CANNOT be nominated for All-Stars without an approved eligibility waiver. **See below for eligibility waiver information.
  • If a player is rostered on another baseball tournament team that is playing games during the CFYB All-Star season they CANNOT be rostered on a CFYB All-Star team. (All-Star season begins the day of the selection meeting, usually the second Sunday in June, and runs through the 1st weekend in August.)
  • All-Star players who accept the nomination cannot miss more than 1 tournament.

**Eligibility waivers will need to be submitted by the player’s league head coach for the CFYB Board of Directors to review within 24 hours AFTER your team completes its final regular season game.

**Waivers are ONLY allowed for players that missed more than 2 regular season games, all other eligibility requirements still apply. The CFYB Board of Directors will have a final decision on waiver approvals prior to the All-Star Selection Meeting. 

League Head Coach Responsibilities for All-Stars

  • Coaches will meet mid-season to discuss their teams and top players from the first half of the season. This will give other coaches an idea of who to evaluate going forward for the remainder of the season and will also give a comparison to their own team.
  • Coaches should have submitted any eligibility waivers necessary for their players.
  • Only the head coach should attend the All-star meeting. If the head coach is unable to attend the meeting, they need to send ONE team representative (assistant coach). 
  • Coaches should have a list of the top players from their team to nominate.  
  • Coaches must bring players pitching and batting statistics to the selection meeting. These must include (hitting): AVG, AB, H, W, K, 2b, 3b, HR, and SB. (pitching): ERA, INN, R, ER, W, and K. (a printed copy is preferred)

All-Star Player Selection Process

A list of all nominated players will be accumulated, and coaches will vote for:

  1. Top 4 pitchers
  2. Top 1 catcher (11u - 14u only)
  3. Top 7 position players
  • If a player is nominated as a pitcher or catcher and is not selected for that position, the player must be placed back in the pool and can be voted in as a position player but they are not automatically placed on the roster. 
  • Players with the most votes make the team. In the case of a tie, the players in the tie will go back on the ballot and each coach will re-vote once. If a tie happens a second time, the league commissioner will be added or removed to make an odd number of voters.
  • CFYB Board of Directors recommends that each All-Star team selects 12 players for their roster. Some years this may not be possible, but every effort should be made in order to give more kids the opportunity to play and also to help avoid the need for substitute players.

All-Star Coach Selection Process

  • All coaches present will be asked by the league commissioner if they are interested in coaching a particular age group. Additional candidates can be nominated if not present. If only one coach is nominated and the group agrees, that person will be the coach. 
  •  If more than one person is nominated, a vote with all uninvolved coaches present will take place. The candidate with the most votes will be declared the coach.
  •  In the event of an unresolved tie, the CFYB Board of Directors will hold a vote by 4 pm the following day to decide who the coach is. If a board member is one of the candidates that board member will remove him or herself from the vote. 
  • Head coach chooses his or her assistants. 
  • CFYB Board of Directors will have the final say on all coaches.

All-Star Coach Reminders

  • Sign a new code of conduct.
  • Review and sign the All-Star Coach Checklist.
  • Playing time may not be equal, however, the league encourages coaches to play all players a minimum of 2 innings per game.
  • Follow the All-Star player substitution policy:
  1. In the event that your team is short players for a tournament, you must only select substitute players from the following guidelines.
  2. Step 1 - Work with an All-Star coach from the age level above or below and ask if an age-eligible player would be available. If a player is unavailable, proceed to step 2.  
  3. Step 2 - Ask an age-eligible player from the CFYB league that played in the current season and submit to the board for approval.

All-Star Tournament Schedule

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