The All-Star player and coach selection meeting will be the Sunday after the league regular season ends.

All-Star Player Eligibility

  • All-Star players who accept the nomination cannot miss more than 1 tournament.
  • Nominations are based on the number of games played, hitting and pitching statistics, catching, throwing, base-running, and overall knowledge of the game. Attitude and coachability are also considerations.
  • If a player has missed MORE THAN 2 league games (this does not include the league tournament), they CANNOT be nominated for All-Stars without an approved eligibility waiver.
  • Eligibility waivers will need to be submitted by the player’s league coach for the CFYB Board of Directors to review within 24 hours after your team completes its final regular season game.
  • Waivers are ONLY allowed for players that missed more than 2 regular season games, all other eligibility requirements still apply. The CFYB Board of Directors will have a final decision on waiver approvals prior to the All-Star selection meeting.
  • Exceptions to the submission window time frame will require CFYB Board of Director approval.

All-Star Tournament Schedule

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