T-Ball League

League Rules

  1. Any profanity, physical or verbal abuse, or uncooperative attitudes by any coach or assistant coach will be grounds for immediate dismissal by the Chippewa Falls Youth Baseball Board of Directors.
  2. All players bat (not necessarily in one inning). Players will bat in order from first to last. Batting orders are to be rotated during the season so that all players experience batting at each portion of the lineup. 
  3. All players play the field. Players should be fielded at Pitcher, Catcher, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS. With the remaining fielders playing the outfield as appropriate. You may choose to field both a 2B position at the base and provide a second-first base “shortstop.” Fielding positions must rotate every 2 innings during the game and all players are to play all positions during the season. If the number of team players allows for it all players should play no more than 2 innings in the infield. 
  4. Coaches are the umpires. There are no independent umps. Primary calls by the batting team Coach at the plate as he/she is in the typical Umpire position. Coaches should use discretion to get assistance from opposing team coaches in the field if not in position to call. 
  5. Base distances are 60 feet.
  6. Mound to plate distance is 46 feet. 
  7. No walks or strike outs 
  8. No stealing 
  9. No advancing on over throws 
  10. Players are allowed to take extra bases if hit well enough to the outfield. However once the ball is on its way back towards the Tee or a play at a base advancing runners should hold up. 
  11. Softcore style youth baseballs are used. 
  12. Batting Team coach “t’s” the ball and adjust the tee for the batter. 
  13. The ball must travel 10 feet or it’s a foul strike (batting coach should make this call immediately, to avoid confusion. Coaches may agree on any agreeable situation prior to the game. Home Coach should mark the line on the field with white lime or other marking method) 
  14. Play is over when the ball is on its way to the tee. 
  15. Players are to play normal fielding positions with exception of the outfield and optional 2B shortstop due to player abilities. 
  16. Infield positions and pitcher are to remain at their positions until the ball is hit. 
  17. There are 3 outs and/or four runs max per half inning. 
  18. Games are limited to approximately 1 hour. Finish any full inning started. Standard game should be about 3-4 innings. Don’t start the 4th inning if the 1 hour time limit has elapsed. Keep the games moving and delays to a minimum. This helps keep the kids focused. 
  19. Batters throwing the bat after swinging will get ONE warning. After that they will be called out for any remaining at bat where they throw or endanger other players by not leaving the bat at the batter’s box. 
  20. Home team prepares the field, this includes batter box, foul lines, on deck circle. These are important pieces of the field and play. If you do not know how to setup or mark the field, please ask. Batter boxes are 5ft long 3 ft wide, centered on the plate. Mark the foul line from the batters box to the 1stand 3rdbase and past. 
  21. Full uniforms (hat and team shirt) are expected to be worn during games. This is the uniform and boys or girls need to where them. 
  22. Any batter or on deck player must be wearing a helmet while on the field. 
  23. The catcher must wear a helmet (this doesn’t need to be a “catcher’s mask”, the catcher does not need to stand right behind the batter. 
  24. Coaches are allowed (and encouraged) on the field during game play with the players. 
  25. Scores are not kept. 
  26. No metal cleats. 

(Amended 1/17/23)

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