Coaches Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to all means of communication including social media.

  1. Engagement by any coach in the following forms of misconduct will be grounds for immediate dismissal by the youth baseball board of directors: a. Physical or verbal abuse of any player, coach, umpire or spectator. b. Use of profane or obscene language while serving in a coaching capacity. c. Blatantly disruptive or uncooperative attitudes.
  2. Use of tobacco products (smoking, vaping, chewing) or alcohol by coaches, players, officials, and spectators is prohibited on the field of play and in the dugouts of the ball fields.
  3. No coach may ever charge, and/or bump an umpire. This will result in an automatic ejection from the league.
  4. Yelling at the umpire by the coaches or players will result in the offending individual being given one warning. After that, the individual will be ejected from the game.
  5. Coaches are allowed on the field in the coaches boxes while their team bats.
  6. A coach may come out of the dugout to talk to his/her pitcher.
  7. No coach may come out of the dugout to question a judgment call by the umpire.
  8. A coach may ask one of his/her players on the field to request a timeout at which time he/she may ask the umpire for an interpretation of a rule.
  9. No coach may come out of a dugout and/or coaches box to argue balls and strikes with an umpire. This will result in an automatic ejection from the game.
  10. Coaches shall have a parent meeting prior to the first practice starting (doesn’t necessarily need to be the same date as the first practice). The parent meeting checklist should be reviewed and the appropriate and pertinent items from that list should be discussed. a. Parents’ meeting checklist can be found on the website under coaches’ information in a document titled “parents meeting checklist”.
  11. Coaches are responsible for all of the team’s equipment and the facility keys that are issued to them by the league equipment manager. Upon completion of the league season and at the direction of the equipment manager the team’s equipment and facility keys must be returned to the equipment shed.
  12. Regular season coaches shall not make any notifications to any player concerning their selection or possible selection to a postseason all-star team. All-star notifications shall be made by the appropriate team’s all-star manager.
  13. Coaches are required to maintain an appropriate level of score bookkeeping for their team for both batting and pitching to assist and post season all-star team selection. The higher the level of play the more detailed the score book should be.
  14. The head coach or main assistant coach must be present at the post season all-star team selection meeting and be properly prepared to participate in this selection. Proper participation and preparation are important for the integrity of the process.
  15. Coaches are required to abide by the leagues operating format and ensure that the format is also followed by his/her team’s players and parents.
  16. Coaches are responsible for ensuring each participant and parent has reviewed and completed the concussion form prior to taking part in any team organized activity.
  17. Coaches shall refer any questions, issues or problems they may encounter to their respective league commissioner.
  18. This code of conduct applies to league and post season play.
  19. Any Head or Assistant Coach found to be representing CFYB in a negative way will be disciplined at the discretion of the CFYB board that can include immediate termination.
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