Chippewa Falls Youth Baseball


Chippewa Falls Youth Baseball has leagues for anyone ages 5 years old up to 14 years old.


The season kicks off with registration at the beginning of February. Practices are weather dependent but usually begin in early April. Games begin in late April and end in June (weather permitting).


Practices are dependent on the league and coach as the head coach is in charge of the practice schedule. Most teams will practice anywhere from 1-3 times per week.


Typically there will be 1-3 games per week.

Games are played at one of three locations. Chippewa Falls Youth Baseball fields (621 State St.), Wheaton Park (3900 38th St.), or at Lafayette Park (5765 197th St.)


Each player that registers for a league will receive a team shirt and league hat. Pants are not included.

Volunteer Hours

The only volunteer hours that are required will be parents working concession stands for their childs teams games.

However there are other volunteer opportunities if you are interested.


CFYB allows participants the opportunity to move up one year level if they choose. 


Referring to the league levels, a player can move from 1st year minor to 2nd-year minor, or 2nd year minor to 1st-year major, etc. For example, a player born 5/20/12 would be a 2nd-year minor player. If that player chooses to move up one level they would then be a 1st-year major player. 

Please note this "move up" can be done one time at any point of a player's career in CFYB after their first year in the league. If a player chooses to "move up" they will remain with their "move up" level for the remainder of their CFYB career.  Thus, if you (the parents) choose to move the registrant up they will not be able to move back down for the remainder of their CFYB career.  No exceptions. 

To "move up" a player, a written or in-person (at a Board Meeting) request would need to be submitted to the CFYB Board. The CFYB Board will not vote based on the request, but the request will be retained for future reference if needed. We will keep a database of all players who choose to "move up" and maintain this database on a yearly basis to ensure that these "move up" players are at the proper requested age/league level going forward.


Note if you move your child up you will still register online for the correct league based on the player's age. CFYB organization will manually make the change and you will receive notification of the change when it happens as well as any additional costs based on the league level.


Our ultimate goal is for players to play two years at each level, however, due to a player's age and the "move up" option, there may be a possibility for some to play a 3rd year at the pony level. This eligibility would be based solely on the player's age for the upcoming season.


If you have any questions, please reach out to the CFYB Board via


Ultimately we are trying to do what is best for the kids and the CFYB program. Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and understanding. 

2023 Baseball Season

Chippewa Falls Youth Baseball

Various leagues for various age levels

Ranging from $65 - $110

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