Instructional League

League Rules

  1. Any profanity, physical or verbal abuse, or uncooperative attitudes by any coach or assistant coach will be grounds for immediate dismissal by the Youth Baseball Board of Directors. 
  2. All teams will use the approved pitching machine. No coach pitching is allowed.
  3. All players bat in order. Each batter will receive up to 5 pitches from the pitching machine during an at-bat. If a player is unable to hit a ball in play during those pitches a “tee” will be placed on home plate. The batters at-bat will continue with the ball being placed on the “tee” instead of being pitched. If the batter is still unable to hit the ball in play, the batter may (with his/her coaches consent) withdraw from the at-bat without an out being recorded. 
  4. A four run limit per inning will apply. 
  5. Infielders must be setup in normal fielding positions, which means four infielders playing behind the baseline. The player playing the pitchers position should stand to one side of the coach “pitching” but remain next to the mound. Infielders should begin every play in normal fielding positions. The remaining fielders will be considered outfielders and must be positioned in the outfield. 
  6. Base distances are 60 feet.
  7. Mound to plate distance is 46 feet. 
  8. Players should be told to slide on all close plays, even at this age. If they won’t, they should be called out. 
  9. Letting all players experiment with the different fielding positions is strongly encouraged. 
  10. Coaches may be on the field, but may not interfere with ball in play. Offensive coaches should remain in the coaching boxes only. Don’t run with the base runners.
  11. Constant circling of the base may not be consistent with teaching fundamentals of baseball. Coaches are encouraged to coach their players in how baseball is supposed to be played. Therefore, one base will be awarded on the first overthrow only. 
  12. Time Limit: (1 hour and 15 minutes) The time limit placed on the Instructional League games must be strictly adhered to. Even if your games starts late, you must stop your game on time. It is up to each coach to have their team ready to go on the field and play at the scheduled time. It is also the coaches’ responsibility to have parents ready to rake the field after their game so it is ready for the next game. 
  13. Any youngster on the field of play as a backup catcher, base coach, etc., must wear a batting helmet for protection. 
  14. All players are required to wear their (or a loaned) baseball cap while on the playing field. 
  15. Games rained out may be rescheduled in agreement with the coaches. Contact your commissioner for available time slots ASAP. Don’t wait until the end of the season. 
  16. Only “RIF” baseballs shall be used during practice and games. 
  17. Coaches are encouraged to rotate their team’s batting order on a game-to-game basis. 
  18. Batters throwing the bat after swinging will get ONE warning. After that, they will be called out for any remaining at bat where they throw or endanger other players by not leaving the bat at the batter’s box. 
  19. The home team is responsible for preparing the field, which includes: batter’s box, foul lines, and on-deck circle. These are important pieces of the field of play. If you do not know how to setup or mark the field, please ask. Batter boxes are 5ft long X 3 ft wide and centered on the plate. Mark the foul line from the batters box past 1st and 3rd base to connect with outfield foul line. 
  20. No Metal Cleats 

(Amended 1/17/23)

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