Player Code of Conduct

As a player in Chippewa Falls Youth Baseball, I will adhere to the following code of conduct:

  1. Have fun!
  2. Be a good sport (win or lose).
  3. Be honest, fair and always show good sportsmanship to all coaches, players, officials, parents and fans by demonstrating good sportsmanship at every game and practice.
  4. Learn the value of commitment to the team, to attend every practice and game that I can, and I will notify my coach if I cannot.
  5. Show courtesy and respect to teammates, opponents, coaches, parents, and officials.
  6. Realize that baseball games and practice sessions are learning experiences and opportunities to grow as a player.
  7. Show respect for the game of baseball by knowing and following the rules of the game, by controlling my emotions when calls don’t go my way and by respecting the decisions of the umpire and coaches
  8. Be a team player and support my teammates.
  9. Work hard to improve my skills.
  10. Do my best to listen and to learn from my coaches.
  11. Congratulate the other team after each game as a demonstration of sportsmanship.
  12. Conduct myself with honor and dignity. The Code of Conduct is to be in full force on a year round basis, from registration to registration. 
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